securestep : safe access to all areas


the responsible
solution to slips
& trips – day
and night

the responsible solution
to slips and trips

i-glo securestep is a range of safety products specially developed to make access safe for pedestrians, both visually impaired and sighted. The innovation of ‘glo-in-the dark’ technology means it is effective day and night, and in low light environments.
securestep can be used in numerous situations including: buildings, temporary road works, cycle lanes and footpaths, stadiums, theatres and concert halls; anywhere where public access is required. Over 36 million people around the world had a serious injury due to slip/trips on steps in 2020. Over the years, legislation has been introduced, such as the Health and Safety at Work Act and the Disability Discrimination Act, in order to make steps more visible within increased slip resistance in an attempt to drive down the number of accidents.

Securestep is the most effective and environmentally responsible solution on the market.

key features:

DDA compliant for disabled access.
Reduced carbon emissions
Reduced running costs
Reduced installation costs

i-glo visionsense is an extremely versatile product which features many benefits:

the ‘glo in the dark’ material is charged (powered) by the sun and artificial light.

'glo in the dark' technology

anti-slip and 'glo in the dark'

easily applied in situ - cost effective

streetramp : improved safety and access during street works



securestep / stepglo

D.D.A Compliant
All secure step is 55mm wide and has to contrast the step meaning it is visible to all.

Quick Installation
Quick Installation Secure step is fitted on top of the existing step using a liquid resin meaning the only downtime is the curing time of the resin (2-4 hours)

Full range of colours
All our material is made in house meaning complete control on custom colours.

Peel Resistant
Forms a cross bond to surface its laid on when fully cured meaning its not going to lift back up.

Maximum Anti-slip
Secure step scored double the minimum pass rate in both dry and wet conditions on the pendulum skid test.

Low Budget Option
Secure step is considerably cheaper than full tread covers and gives the same safety elements.
Glow in The Dark Edging
Glow In The Dark Edging Every step has a 20mm glow strip on the top of the step to highlight the edge in darkness.

Metal Backing
Every step has an aluminium backing meaning they can be strongly fixed to any surface and don’t have to worry about rusting.

Maximum Anti-Slip
Step glow scored double the minimum pass rate in both dry and wet conditions on the pendulum skid test.

Include Business Branding
Fully customise your steps by adding branding or logos to our glow discs which can be recessed into the step.

mobile, easy to deploy

adjustable to kerb height

flexitactalert snap together tactile tiles

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