safestreets : road and path safety


from i-glo ensures
maximum visability
of cycle paths:
night or day

safestreets - quick access solution

An innovative diversion system for street works that minimises accidents and access issues.

streetramp brings together i-glo’s award winning safety products with innovative engineering solutions. A safe street works diversion system which improves access for the visually and mobile impaired, improves navigation for cyclists and provides local lighting in locations which are dark. Accidents to pedestrians and cyclists due to street works and the subsequent insurance claims have always been a cause for concern for the street work service providers, such as councils and utility providers using current ramp access solutions. Pedestrians are re-routed from pavements onto the road in order to bypass street works. Trip accidents have been attributed to inadequate products used to negotiate kerb height. Coupled with this is the lack of provision for ramp access for the mobile and visually impaired. Street works also infringe on cycle lanes leading to accidents due to the inadequate lane re-routing. safestreets works in locations where lighting is inadequate and aims to reduce slip, trip and fall accidents.
key features:

quick to install and adjust to kerb height

i'glo in the dark' edges for added safety at night

incorporating tactiles to aid visually impaired access

streetramp : improved safety and access during street works

streetramp in action

easy to install

streetramp - safe streets

Safe streets comprises a ramp, which bridges the kerb height, with two hinged horizontal end plates fitted with tactile warning systems. Screw jacks, fitted underneath the ramp, elevate the top horizontal end plate to match the height of the kerb to help provide a trip-free platform for the ramp which is accessible for pedestrians, scooters and wheelchairs. Installation of secure grip on the ramps surface help prevent slip accidents in all weathers over the long term. i-glo discmarkers are inserted along the perimeter of the ramp to guide pedestrians and wheelchair users in darkness.
The ramp is fully D.D.A, with kick plates, handrails and a compliant gradient. flexitactalert guidance tactile contain rounded bars set out in the direction of travel which helps navigate the visually impaired between the two ramps. The outer bars of the guidance tactile glow in the dark navigating pedestrians along a safe pathway between the two ramps.

mobile, easy to deploy

adjustable to kerb height

flexitactalert snap together tactile tiles

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