Ground-Breaking Safety Tactile Systems for Railway Platforms

i-glo flexitactalert – a ‘new generation’ of safer tactiles – has been recently rolled out on Network Rail (Eastern) platforms.  

A 29% saving and 97% reduction on carbon footprint over competitor products has also been achieved. 

We are now looking to extend to other regions of Network Rail.

Main Benefits of the flexitactalert system:

  • Guarantee for 10 years: single source – manufacture to installation
  • Safer – ‘alert’ and ‘top up’ prevent non-detection
  • 6.2 times more wear resistant than concrete
  • 4 times better adhesion than competitor products
  • Slip resistant throughout its wearable lifetime
  • Flexible polymer – resistant to impact and freeze/thaw cycles 
  • ‘Top-up system’ a fraction of the cost of full tile replacement
  • Sustainable solution – no waste tiles to landfill 
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