discmark : safe boundaries & wayfinding


provides wayfinding
solutions by
illuminating edging
and hazards

'glo-in-the-dark' technology - lighting the way

i-glo discmark is a range of highly effective and useful resin bound products with a multitude of possible applications.

i-glo-bound markers can be installed into any new resin bound surface, such as pathways, cycle tracks, driveways, block paving, garden decking or platforms. discmark products (in tandem with i-glo’s securestep and flexitactalert products) can be applied to steps, stair risers and walkways in public areas and buildings for increased safety and emergency exit direction.

They give added safety by illuminating edging and hazards and provide wayfinding solutions – both outdoors and indoors.

Easily installed – in-situ
They are installed by creating a recess using an i-glo cutter attachment which fits into any standard SDS drill. The discs are then glued into the recess, using a weatherproof adhesive, so that they are flush with the surrounding tarmac surface.

Decking discs – Composite / Wood Discs
i-glo Decking discs – long-lasting glow-in-the-dark solution designed to improve safety and aesthetics for your outdoor living space.
key features:

The ‘glo-in-the-dark’ material is charged (powered) by the sun and
artifical light.

'glo in the dark' environmentally
responsible technology

boundary and hazard makers
the possibilities are boundless

easy to install products

discmark 'glo-in-the-dark' technology

'glo in-the-dark' discs highlighting water edge

'glo in-the-dark' marina numbers

discmarkad - branded 'glo-in-the-dark' markers

Branding is an extremely effective way of brand promotion. Illuminated
brands, logo’s and QR codes attract attention, particularly at night-time,
increasing brand awareness and pointing visitors to your website.
A logo or message can be embedded into any shape, which can be surface mounted using screws or adhesive, or drilled into any existing surface so that it becomes flush with that surface. Pathways of branded discs can be a great way of attracting and guiding your customers to your premises.
Having your branding inscribed onto i-glo products sends out the right
message to your customer base –‘reduction on carbon footprint’

Encased Branding Disc
Branding discs are encased within a resin housing which can be surface
mounted on to a floors surface or floated into a wet mix such as resin
bound, concrete or wet mix rubber.




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