antislip - the long term safety solution


helps to prevent
slip accidents
in dry or wet

antislip - the long term safety solution to slip accidents

i-glo antislip is easily aplied to surfaces to give slip-free passage.
securegrip is a resin/aggregate mix which is applied as an anti-slip pattern onto any surface, new or old, to help prevent slip accidents in dry or wet conditions. It is applied as a viscous liquid which is able to flow and cure into the applied surface producing an impenetrable bond.

When a surface wears smooth either through aggregate dislocation or excessive wear, it becomes prone to slip accidents.

Many anti-slip treatments rely on surface-acting aggregate, meaning that once the layer is removed then the floor becomes prone to slip accidents.

The other factor in determining the lifetime of an anti-slip coating is the adhesion of that coating to a floor surface. Many adhesives form only surface bonds to the floor surface which weakens and delaminates under pedestrian footfall.

Aggregate is suspended throughout secure-grips depth ensuring that slip and wear resistance is maintained throughout its wearable lifetime outlasting other anti-slip treatments by many years.

Custom designs and shapes can be created to ensure even coverage on the surface and still allow drain holes and fitting holes to work correctly.
key features:

Easy to apply to many kinds of surfaces, old and new:

antislip safety is easy to install even in existing locations

applied to step and platforms with i-glo flexitactalert
- added safety for visually impaired users

antislip strips bonded to drains to ensure
maximum grip in all weather conditions

discmark glo-in-the-dark technology

'glo in-the-dark' discs highlighting water edge

'glo in-the-dark' marina numbers

antislip - products are bespoke made to meet requirements

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