Cycle / Foot Paths

Surface Mounted Disc Markers

i-glo surface mounted disc markers provide the ideal solution for cycle track / pathway safety for areas subjected to poor lighting. The discs are adhered to any surface and are typically less than 6mm high thereby posing no slip trip issues to pedestrians or cyclist. The disc surface contains slip resistant domes to prevent pedestrians or cyclists from slipping in dry or wet conditions. The discs charge during time emitting an after-glow up to 12 hours during darkness.

i-glo Reflective Discs

i-glo reflective discs contain reflective glass beads within a white polymer body which reflects all incident light such as bike/car lights mapping out a cycle tracks/pathway ahead at night time. The central area of the reflective disc contains an i-glo disc which produces an early warning light on pathway or cycle track bends before being detected by reflection.

Submerged Disc Markers

Concrete i-glo disc markers can be submerged into any wet pour system such as resin bound, concrete or tarmac. The disc markers are fixed to the floor using adhesive or concrete, and the wet pour is simply floated around the disc and left to cure/dry. The disc is charged during daylight and glows up to 12 hours in darkness

i-glo Disc Inserts

i-glo disc inserts can be submerged into resin bound or concrete to highlight pathway or driveway edges.